M8 LED Panel Mount Indicators with prominent (exterior) bezel - flashing

without resistor

Optical features

Indicator type

Electrical features

Operating Voltage
3.5-13 V DC
DC current
38-56 mA
Pin assignment
Long pin = anode, short pin = cathode

Mechanical features

Lens typ
Lens size
5 mm
Bezel typ
Prominent bezel
Screw thread size
Bezel material
Connector type
Leads of LEDs
Number of Connectors
IP Code
Max. panel thickness
5,5 mm

Thermal features

Operating temperature
-20...+60 °C
Storage temperature
-25...+80 °C

Technical Data

Item No. Colour Luminous intensity at DC current Lens color Bezel color
19060001 green 32 mcd green satin chrome
19060002 yellow 32 mcd yellow satin chrome
19060003 red 80 mcd red satin chrome
19061001 green 32 mcd green black chrome
19061002 yellow 32 mcd yellow black chrome
19061003 red 80 mcd red black chrome
19062001 green 32 mcd green matt chrome
19062002 yellow 32 mcd yellow matt chrome
19062003 red 80 mcd red matt chrome

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